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Comprehensive VNS Therapy support services
Patient education materials, including brochures and an educational video, give your patients access to important information when considering VNS Therapy. To help facilitate insurance coverage and reimbursement, experienced, licensed nurse case managers are available for insurance coverage assistance (including prior authorization initiatives), as well as reimbursement and coding guidance. They are also available for patient education support, if desired.

Informational teleconferences moderated by psychiatrists are available so that patients may speak with others who have experienced VNS Therapy.

Hear from a VNS Therapy case manager
"Hello. I'm Julie. I'm a Licensed Nurse and a case manager for VNS Therapy.
The way the nurse case manager helps in ongoing education is a vital role with the VNS Therapy. One of our primary roles is education…we want to let the patient know that when they call in, we're available to help them through all steps of education."

— Julie H., VNS Therapy case manager

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