There are many educational resources available to physicians and their patients who are considering or who currently use VNS Therapy. To place an order for patient education materials, Click here.

VNS Therapy patient education materials:

Portraits of Hope

  • Portraits of Hope Booklet - Now Available
    • In this booklet, 33 people share their experience with treatment-resistant depression (TRD) and the impact VNS Therapy has made in their lives. About half of the people featured in this booklet have received VNS Therapy since FDA approval in July 2005. In addition, eight psychiatrists share their perspective and clinical experience in using VNS Therapy for TRD. If you would like a copy of this booklet, please click here.
  • Chronic or Recurrent Depression Brochure
    • This patient brochure defines chronic and recurrent depression and helps patients learn more about the potential need for long-term treatment options. Click here to view the brochure.

  • VNSTherapy.com
    • The patient section of this site offers detailed information on VNS Therapy, educational materials, and support for patients with TRD. Encourage your patients to visit the site and learn more.

  • Patient Education Kit
    • This kit contains the Chronic or Recurrent Depression brochure, the General Patient Information brochure, a video highlighting patient experiences with VNS Therapy, and an informational flyer on the VNS Therapy Phone Facts sessions.

  • Patient Video
    • This educational video includes information on VNS Therapy from the perspective of a psychiatrist and three patients who have experienced VNS Therapy.

  • Psychiatrist Consultation Flipchart
    • This educational tool is designed to help psychiatrists discuss chronic or recurrent depression and VNS Therapy as a long-term treatment option with patients.

  • VNS Therapy Phone Facts Teleconferences
    • Patients and family members who want to learn more about VNS Therapy can participate in teleconferences led by patients and psychiatrists who currently use VNS Therapy. The teleconferences provide a forum for addressing questions and sharing experiences with VNS Therapy anonymously. Note: these teleconferences are scheduled to begin in June 2005. Please check back for updates. Click here to view the VNS Therapy Phone Facts Teleconference Flyer.

  • Case Managers
    • Nurse case managers work with patients and their psychiatrists to verify insurance coverage information and help patients achieve access to VNS Therapy. The case managers are also available to provide education over the telephone to patients about VNS Therapy, if desired.

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