VNS Therapy Access Program


The VNS Therapy Access Program was developed to help those who do not have the financial resources to obtain VNS Therapy.

Patient Eligibility

This program was established to provide access to VNS Therapy System for appropriate patients lacking both insurance coverage and the ability to pay for the VNS Therapy System. To establish eligibility, patients should contact their physicians.

Program Commitment

The VNS Therapy Access Program will donate a limited number of the VNS Therapy Systems on a first-come, first-served basis. Additional costs such as physician, surgical or hospital costs associated with the implant procedure or follow-up of the patient are not included in this program and are services to be waived by those respective providers.

Care Provider Commitment

The referring physician will submit candidate applications for the VNS Therapy Access Program. It is the requesting physician’s responsibility to secure agreement from all participating parties such as the hospital and surgeon to provide services free of charge. The physician/care provider requesting a VNS Therapy System for a patient also agrees to provide ongoing care for the patient, including follow-up and patient management as necessary.

Application & Acceptance Process

  • Download the VNS Therapy Access Program Application
  • Patient and physician must complete the VNS Therapy Access Program Patient Application and return it to the VNS Therapy Access Program at (888) 577-7205.
  • The physician will be notified of the patient’s eligibility status within 4-6 weeks of receipt of application.
  • Upon receiving acceptance notification, the physician must complete and return the Patient Eligibility Letter to the VNS Therapy Access Program within 30 days.
  • The physician should instruct the appropriate hospital to order the VNS Therapy System from Cyberonics.
  • Once contacted by the hospital, Cyberonics will fax a VNS Therapy System Requisition/Order Form for completion and return.
  • Cyberonics will then ship the VNS Therapy System for implantation. Please review the Product Summary for a complete listing of system components
  • To avoid product expiration, the pulse generator should be implanted within 90 days of the device shipment. The Implant Registration Card should be returned to Cyberonics after implantation.

If you have any questions regarding the VNS Therapy Access Program, please call (877) 610-1180.

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