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Document Name Size (MB)
Implantable Components
    Generators and Leads
MRI with VNS Therapy (OUS) 1.29
VNS Therapy System Physician's Manual (Non-US) 6.94
VNS Therapy System Physician’s Manual Addendum – Cyberonics Pulse Generators 0.07
VNS Therapy System Pre-Surgical Evaluation Tool -2-Position 0.19
Disposable Components
    Accessory Packs
Directions for Use VNS Therapy Accessory Pack Model 502 (WW) 0.26
    Tunneling Tools
Directions for Use VNS Therapy Tunneler Model 402 (Non-US) 0.24
Programming Systems
    Programming Systems and Programming Wand (Legacy)
Physician's Manual NeuroCybernetic Prosthesis (NCP) Programming Wand Model 201 0.61
Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information – Motion Tablet (CL900) --
Safety and Regulatory Compliance Information – Motion Tablet (CL910) 0.55
v11.0 – Physician's Manual VNS Therapy Programming Software Model 250 6.93
All Products
Implant Warranty and Registration Form, Multi-lingual (WW) 0.74
Legal Manufacturer Name Change Notice (WW) 0.72
Physician's Manual - Glossary (OUS) 0.14
Physician's Manual - Symbols and Definitions (WW) 0.19
Radio Approvals Legacy Products 0.08
Return Product Form (Non-US) 0.17
Patient Information
Depression Patient's Manual for Vagus Nerve Stimulation with the Model 105 (Non-US) 2.15
Epilepsy Patient's Manual for Vagus Nerve Stimulation with the Model 106 (Non-US) 2.46
VNS Therapy Implant Card – 36 Languages 0.98
VNS Therapy Patient Magnet DFU – 36 Languages 4.57


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Safety Alerts

Safety Alert, Model 106 Device Disablement
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